Couples Massage

A Couples Massage Is An Educational And An Erotic Experience

If you don’t know how to make inroads with your partner with regards to the aspect of sensual touch, then we have a solution. You and your partner can learn the art of sensual massage during a couples session. Couples massage can mean a whole new level of intimacy for you and your partner. Rates are billed double, as this kind of massage requires two masseuses.

The first thing a masseuse will talk you and your partner about during your massage is why it is important to communicate with each other about where and how you like to be touched. Our friendly masseuses will make you feel comfortable and relaxed so you can start a dialogue with your partner that is open and honest. You may be surprised about how open your partner is to trying new things with the help of masseuses to guide you through the process of erotic and sensual massage.

The second thing our masseuses can do is teach your partner how to dress for a sensual massage. Dressing up to be sexy makes the massage much more enjoyable. Many couples overlook this aspect of the massage. It is only a small detail, but dressing sexy makes all of the difference if you want to have a sensual experience.

The next thing the masseuses will show you is how they approach the massage. This is important, because you want to make sure that both you and your partner are in the right mood. Things like lighting and music help with this, and our masseuses can educate you in the right way to get started with a massage.  

Then our masseuses will show you the art of touching.  Since you are getting the massage as a couple, the masseuses will show you how touching a woman is different than touching a man to pleasure them. This way, you can enjoy massages as a couple and both get pleasure out of it any time you are in the mood.

The masseuses will also show you how they interact during the couples massage. The art of erotic massage for couples involves flirting and the art of seduction. Finally our masseuses will show you how to finish off the massage so that you are totally relaxed and revived.

Many couples book a massage suite with the idea of learning how to please each other through the means of a sensual touch. So if you are lacking something in the bedroom that sensual massage will help, a couples massage is right for you. Call and talk to one of our reservationists today and they will tell you about rates and set you up with two of our masseuses who specialize in couples massage. 

A couples massage does have to be booked in advance, and different rates apply than regular massages. There is also a special suite for couples massage that is set up to be romantic. This way, you can get the most out of your experience as you learn about how erotic massage can promote intimacy between you and your partner.